Blogging Feb 28th 2014

Hello out there to all those that hunger and thirst for greater knowledge and power.

Welcome to what I refer too as 'its written in the stars' We are not some cosmic accident on the contrary we are all here at this time place and space for a reason. But to know that reason to discover one's true purpose is the key to unlocking much hidden and secret power. I hope that some of you will join me as I search what is in are planets and solar system for 2014 and share it with you all on a weekly and sometimes even daily bases friends. Namaste.

March 1st 2014

Good day to all and happy first of March. with spring only 20 days away we all will feel a great desire to create change in our personal enviorment. spring is a excelent time to feng shui a home or office in order to open your self up to better energy and luck. Feng Shui is the ancient eastern practice of creating a more positive chi ie' energy to flow thru one's home or office. the knowledge that energy both positive and negative exsist in the very materiel were sarounded by such as furniture and the very structures we live and work in. When we learn and understand our personal space we can arrange and design it to bring optimum health and prosperity.

March 3rd 2014
Mother moon resides in Aries today the first zodiac sign and the Fire Cardinal element. Aries is about courage passion persistance and power, this is a most excelent cycle for starting projects creating new beginigs and making things happen. when the moon visits one of the 12 zodicas it spends 2 and a half days there and the element of that zodiac sign effects every being on the earth including animals pets and plant life. Aries is a fire sign so the fire sign people are most positively effected such as. Aries Leo and Sagitarius. Air signs can be effected positivly as well just not as stronly. air signs are Gemini Libra and Aquarius. The least positive signs affected are earth elements such as Taurus Virgo and Capricorn. and the signs that are negatively effected are water elements such as Cancer Scorpio and Picses. All should know there sun sign and the moons daily placemens. It can help you moniter your personal success. its something that great leaders kings queens and emperors of the old world new all to greatly. In the ancient times every king and leader appointed an astrologer that advised them of when and if they should go into battle, and even to help to choose there soul mates. I hope you my followers would stop by daily to learn about the moons placements and I encourage you to call in for a personal psychic reading in order to know your sign and the moons effects on you. remember knowledge is power. Namaste'

March 5th 2014
Moon has entered into the sun sign of Gemini. A active cerebrial air sign that promotes thinking writing and comunicating as. When the moon ente's into one of the air signs the thinkers of the zodiac Gemini Libra Aquarius we are all filled and brimming with the much needed desire to comunicate and be understood, be it personaly or professionally. The next 2 day's are most excellent to do so exspeacialy fot these air signs noted above. Fire signs such as Aries Leo and Sagitarius will benifit as well just not as powerully unless of course your personal moom sign resides in a air sign.This is why having a personal natel chart also known as astrological chart is most benificial to a human being. Are ability to navicate thru the stars planets and position can and will optimise one's success,this is somthing all great leaders have known for centuries. Be mindful all earth and water signs that this Gemini moon can be more of a challege for use unless of course your personal moon sign rest in Gemini or another air sign. The earth signs are as follows. Taurus Virgo Capricorn. The water signs are Cancer Scorpio Picses. Learn more about your self anf future today.
March 9th 2014
Happy Monday folks hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, here on the eastcoast we have gotten lucky with some milder also was Daylight saveing time.Hope everyone can appriciate that althogh its a pain to loose an hour sleep on a Sunday its a clue that spring is just around the corner.
Moon In Cancer.
With the moon resting in its natural home of Cancer we all feel a little more domestic minded. The need or desire to saround are selves with family and friends drink wine eat comfort food and just laugh with love ones is strong. No one truly desires solitarity when the moon visits Cancer. Be aware however that as the moon pulls at the oceans tides it most certainly will pull at are emotions as well, the moon is the closest heavenly body to earth therefor has the greatest inpact on us. Find out where your moon resides in your chart today call me for a personlalized birth chart. To know your self is to unlock power and master your future. Namaste.

March 10th 2014
With both Saturn and Mercury retrograde this month we can exspect more then are fair share of delays both in communication work related and personal. Realationships on a whole will feel these affets but none as intence as the zodiac Scorpio, mainly becouse Saturn remains in Scorpio up untill the end of this year, it has maid its presents felt ever so powerfully in this sign since 2012. When Saturn visits a perticular sign it remains there for 2 1/2 years, the purpose of Saturns visits in each of the twelve signs is to teach us lessons from the previous 12 years of life since its last visit. it takes Saturn 12 years to make a full sun trip. in other words we wont see Saturn in Scorpio till 2024. But heres the real kicker of this perticular Saturn visit to Scorpio, Its retrograding as is Mercury. A retrograde in astrological terms is when a planet is visiting a sign and is going backwards instead of forwards, so as one might imagine all hell can break loose. Now if your wondering how on earth can the planets reverse and go backwards, well they cant not literaly. You see when astronamers of the old world first noticed this phenomenon they were certain it was as it appeared moving backwards thru the celestial heaven, and to ad that astrologers noticed the effets it had on there clients only concured there view. However this is only an optical illusion in the heavens for the planets that appear to be going reverse are in fact still in there forward movement but its the angle of earths access thats shift and changed such as when daylight savings time ends or begins or spring and fall begin. It would appear from earths view that way however its not. But what is certain and bin studtied by some of the greatest astrologers over time is that the retrograde illusion is still haveing a most certain and real effect by us little ole beings on earth.

March 18th Thank Goodness the full moon phase is over! I don't know about any of you but this was was a trip. All kinds of havoc broke loose over the weekend for my self and just about every friend, family, member and clien, my phone rang off the hook! One of the key reasons this perticular moon was more intence was due to its residing in Virgo. Virgo you say dear sweet prudent Virgo! analytical Virgo! reational Virgo! Yes and that is becouse Virgo hates to be bother by emotion's and as the sun still remained in emotional feeling pisces with its opposing sign Virgo hosting the full moon there was a real battle of the force's in the air. Those that felt the effects most were Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. And now that are moon moves into Scorpio tomorrow night you can be sure the water signs will continue to feel deep intence even psychic vibration. This is not all concidered a negative phase not at all, it's a magnificent time for, meditation, prayer, yogo, spiritual awakening, spiritual cleansing, chakra balancing, writing, painting, composing, cooking, and weather permiting planting. To learn more about the moon and planets direct affect on you email or call me today for a personalized natal chart and discover how to navigate thru thr stars. Till next time, Namaste.

April 10th 2014
With the total moon eclipts on tueday April 16th in the sign of Libra you can be certain communication of any kind will be effected, most certain matters of the heart. If you are born under the sun sign's of Gemini Libra or Aquarious get ready for a bumpy week to come. Threw out history there have bin many total eclips moons but this ones gonna be a bit unique as it will be looked at from earth asa blood moon the moon will turn a reddish hue hence the term blood moon.

May 27th 2014
Its bin a absolutly crazy ride since April 15th's blood red moon. I hope everyone reading this is doing well and got out of this last 6 weeks trying astrological cycle unscaved. One can definitely see the global weather pattern changes since are blood red moon entered Libra, most air signs have bin feling the waight of the world on there shoulders as a result. Gemini, Libra, Aqaurius, will continue to feel a bit dazed and confused most certainly where matters of the heart are concerned. Also with todays moon resideing in Gemini as well it gives a added layer of uncertainty, the one area where a Gemini moon can be useful is intuition! a Gemini moon gives flashes of insight and unanounced revalations of hidden truth's. this is more pronounced to all the fire signs Aries Leo & Sagittarius.
June 5th 2014.

What can be said about the summer nights that has not already bin expressed. Cool shore breezes full night moons endless hours reminising with friends remembering true loves kiss. June promises to be a exciting month in the area of love and romance, one reason is the planet Venus resting in Gemini along side are sun. this truly cast its spell on all man's desire to love and be loved in return. The sun signs most afected by this cycle are the air Gemini, Libra, Aquarious, the least favorable are the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, For anyone looking for open communication in the area of love now is the time. take advantage of this 28 day cycle to open your heart and mind to the possibilities of love.

June 10th

It's worth pointing out that with todays moon in Scorpio there is bound to be some high anxiety felt in the air, exspeacialy where matters of the heart are concerned. suspicions run high when the moon resides in this sign. think twice before confronting a lover over signs of infadelity, it may be more in your head. Cancer Scorpio Pisces you have bin warned!

June 13th 2014 Todays planetary activity consist of a fullmoon in the zodiac of Sageittarius, This is not just your ordering fullmoon this one would come around again till another 47 years as it falls on friday the 13th. Now i know many of you out there are not religiouse or supersticous folks but belive me there are evil people out there with a satamnic and lucaferian agenda that will dominate this eveing with wicked and evil deeds. So be careful dear readers use your greater insticnt today to avoid danger, most certainly the sun signs of Saggitatius Cancer Scorpio Picses Leo and Aries, all of you have highten intuition to spare. This Lunar cycle is officialy over Sunday the 15th fathers day. Wishing everyone a happy healty fathers day weekend, Be well.

June 17th 2014

What can be said about the power of a soulmate connection that has not already be said' other then the reality that we have more then one soulmate. Not many astrologist/psychics have elaberated on this topic, so let me be probley the first my readers hear of this to share.

We are all maid up of stardust thats right dust' only not of the earth as most thologians and bible scholars would have you beleive but star dust, We are litteraly a part of each planet in our solar sytem, something that the ancient Greek's Babalonian's and Egyptian's already new. This is where the zodiac's signs symbols and ruleing planet's stem from. When are all stardust settled here on earth million's of partacles from that dust broke off to form differnt bodie's, so example your spirit from your twinsoul or soulmate may have doubled, trippled, or even quadruped. This is why its not only possible but more then often probable to love more then one person. While many may not agree with such belife's moraly it still does not change it as likely and probable for many people. When society forces such belife's as fidelity upon us it leaves room for unhapy couples, hence dirvorce rate being so high and continuing to grow. It also explains a great deal about homosexuality and bisexuality. It is not are place to judge only God can do so. Its up to us as a specie, as a race, as human beings with active soul's to understand, research, and discover what roles we play in each others lives.

As a psychic born with the gift of second sight I am able to decern from a reading what role the current people play in your life.

If you ever wondered why you feel so connected to a person when everything in your common sence might say it's wrong to love them or feel for them, it's possible that you are born from the same star. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. are all connecting us based on our sun signs.
To find out if your lover' spouse, or crush are soulmate connected, call today to set up a psychic reading. I can assure you nothing I reveal will be a shock as most people feel it in there core being right away who there soul mates are, but purhaps you need a confirmation? and thats what a psychic reading can do for you.
June 24th. 2014

Hi to all my devoted readers. Hoping your week is going well.
I need to adress the matter of all the earthquakes that are going on in the world today. Mother earth is in labor, and her pains are increasing rappidly. The earth has very powerful pressure points all over the world and its with certainty that many of these pressure points are life worm holes on the earth. The earth is alive and breathing and she is very very disturbed by man kinds behavior. Most people takr the safety of are well being on this planet for granted. But im writing today to warn the few that may read this and understand this that we are not much more safer on the east coast. it is with great regret that I predict some sort of natuaral or man maid cataster taking place in the New York New Jersey are. I encourage all to stock up on water. medical supplies. flash lights. batteries. candles. lanterns. generaters. gas. and can goods along with a hand held can opener. I have seen this vision since i was a little girl of 11 years of age and today I am a 44 year old grandmother and the vision has not changed much at all in fact its increased greatly. I am not usualy a doom and gloom proticter, its not in my nature to instill fear in people, however I felt very led today to right this. should anyone have any questions please feel free to reach out.
Be blessed by God. amen.
July 2nd 2014
Welcome the month of July and the official summer cycle of the 4th of July celebration. Beach sand ocean air backyard bbq's camping travling, but here on the east coast as well as the entire atlantic coast line Aurthur the topical storm/hurricain is putting a damper on most peoples plans. Hopefully not the entire weekend. The mood of many is one of desire passion and excitment. with the moon currently in the zociac sign of Leo most people are just feeling ready to roar. Mercury is now direct no longer retrograde so its certain in areas where people have felt stalled that theres going to be some movement, even more so with the sun now in Cancer. Love, Romance, Passion, and sex are what everone is craving.

July 17th 2014
It would appear that last weekends super full moon in Capricorn had some real powerful and still effecting results on most all earth and water signs. Taurus. Virgo. Capricorn. Cancer. Scorpio. Picses all felt its affects in a dramadic matter one way or another. Matters of Love were the most affected anything having to due with personal relationships, making time for otheres planing were all effected one way or another. If anyone out there thats reading this now and has bin feeling down since the full super moon last saturday, call me today to arrange a reading either by phne or in person.

July 21st 2014
Sex and Love Seems to be the main theme on most 21 and overs minds today, hoaking up, smushing, and all the other new trending names for casual sex today. Where have our values gone in america? Is this the result of poor up bringing? i my self am a product of the 60's one might think that the era its self promotes free love and casual sex Make love not war was the theme, but really that era was still very inocent and unaware coming more from a child like mentality with no knowledge of aids and sexualy transmitted diseise's. But today we have more knowledge and awareness of the end result of the act so still i ask where have all our moral codes gone? If any of you have any clue or idea please kindly reply as I am happy to hear americas oppinion in 2014. Blessings to all.

July 31st 2014
As Julys closes you can be certain most of us are already dreading the idea of falls return. Seems that summer never is long enough these days. But with August and its powerful full moon coming we can rest assure that the remainder of are summer will be full of love and laughter. Most Leo's will feel the powerful pull of passtion, as well as Aries and Saggitarius. The only signs thats will not bennifit from matters of the heart this month are the water signs Cancer Scorpio and Pisces.

August 16th 2014
Todays blog is deticated to that life long question people bin asking all there live. Is witchcraft real? And the answer is unfortunatly yes, witchcraft spell work nchantments are not only real but poweful and dangerous to the persons its directed on to. If anyone out there has noticed a change in there spouseor partner that does not ad up they may in fact be the victims of a spiriual attack conjured up my a person a human being. We as humans are all host to spiritual beings wheter we belive in the spiritua realms or not. Not beliveing makes us even more vulnerable to attacks of sorts. We are the spiritual entities puppets used to harber good or evil. When spell work is cast upon someone they become the host for a spiritual virus you might say to infect either your love life, financess, relationships at work. at home, and much much more. If you or someone you love feel like you have bin spell casted call me for either a live reading by phone or in person in my shop, one reading with me will evaluate wheter or not you or your love one have bin infected and how to clear it.
Sept 28th 2014
Its bin a while since I blogged but here I am with some exciting update's Today as we speak the moon is in the Waxing phase and resides in Scorpio. Get ready for a bumpy ride. Emotions are high as well as suspicions. Not a ideal time for family interactions or romance. This cycle is more for self reflection, meditation, and personal growth. Tomorow evening at apoxomitly 6;34 pm the moon enters Sagittarius a far more ideal time for family, friends, and adventure. As September 6th was are last supermoon of the 2014 year in the sign of Virgo it allowed people at large and as a whole to look back on the passing year and what was accomplished. The new season of Fall/Autumn being upon us now reflects reaping of what we have soon in the previous year. Good luck to all and God bless.
Nov 6th 2014
Get ready all water signs most speacialy Scorpio as the fullmoon of November takes center stage friday its going to be a magica time.

Most every water sign I know is naturaky intuitve now ad the power of a fullmoon and va la psychic energey bravado. keep in mind the moon will reside in the sign of Taurus so most all Taureans will feel its affects as well. This is a aeseome time to make desitions or changes we put of earlier in the year, as we quickly aproach a new year i would like to encourage all my readers to do a bit of soul searching, start projecting manifesting what it is you want to attract in this new year, dont wait for new years eve to start soul searching use the power of this scorpio full moon to project into the univeres what you want and in doing so it will manifest back in the earth and into your life.
or more info on how to meditate and project energy out there call me today. Look up my some of my coupon offeres on this sight as well as my live phone readings Why not get e reading at your convienence be it in the car driving home or from home I am able to psychicly tune into you no matter what. In the mean time be well folks and live life to the fullest. Namaste.

Nov. 18th 2014
With the moon waning in LIbra the desire and or need for justice is strong. We will see this takeing center stage in our forign policy and goverment. However civil unrest is brewing in the heartland of America. My predition for this country is very profound. While its true we will see some positve changes in the econamy , still we are on shaky ground. On a more personal note I wish to encourage all human beings no matter what race, religion, creed, or etnicity to ad prayer and meditation to there lives,,,while sending white light and love to our country for protection from the beast of a system that is manfesting before our very eyes.

Nov 26th 2014
Hello to all Jacqueline here. I just wanted to take the time to reach out and wish everyone of my readers a happy healty and safe Thankgiving. I do have a bit of a update astrologicly speaking. With the moon chilling in capricorn most everyone will be in a home body mood, instead of traveling far away for dinner and visits everyone will be chilling eating turkey watching football. But no matter what your plans are for this years Thanksgiving be safe and thankful for all that the universe has blessed you with. God bless.

Dec 15th 2014
Hello to all,, I hope everyones doing well,,,,,So here we are at the final stretch of 2014 and I must say it's bin a challenging year for many water signs including my self, but speacialy SCORPIO. Saturn planet of limitations and restrictions has bin reaking havoc upon all the water signs Cancer Scorpio and Pisces, since October 2012 with Saturns preasence strongly felt came all kinds off challeges and life's lessons but now that Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into Sagitarius on December 25th a Christmas gift from the universe comes to all water signs again most notibly Scorpio. Unfortunatly this brings its share of woe's to the fire signs Aries Leo and speacialy Sagitarius as Saturn wips out its taskmaster force upon the next zoidiac sign for the following 2 1/2 years. If you wonder what efects Saturn is having on your life and where it affects you in your birth chart reach out to me today and get a full life reading. While it is true that we cant change the planets and there positions in the cosmos we can in fact better equip our seves thru knowledge and awareness of the stars and there placements.
Come get your full life forcast for 2015 mention this blog and get $15 off any psychic reading.
wishing everyone a happy and healty holiday xo

Jan 2nd 2015

Hello and a happy new year to all out there!!! Should you find your self reading my blog this day let me take the opportunity to wish you a most happy, healthy, wealthy, and blessed 2015. xoxo
All my earth signs out there have had it a bit rough in the last stretch of 2014 September up till the very end December. But now there Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn strap n your seat belt becouse January thru till June its fast pace adventure for this trio. Love, Work, finances, all fall into place, buisy is the theme but you wont mind you will be to buisey counting your money. Todays astro forcast has are moon in Gemini So all air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, are certain to take there new years resalutions to heart. well at least till the moon moves in Cancer on Sunday lol. On a more seriouse not our world planet and the globolist that run it have a lot of bad suprises planed for this country the USA this year. I want t encourage people to save water can good batteries flash lights candles extra blankets coats ect. My psychic visions have bin very strong with regards to what the Elite have planed with these FeMa camps. Its not pretty. We are all like sheep to them being led to sloughter. But you dont have to be a sheep. Be a wolf today. Meditate Educate and reprogram your selves, like any bad habbit it takes time and one usualy needs assistance. Call me today for a live psychic reading by phone and lets discover your destiney your path together today. One reading will convince you.

Jan 7th 2015

Hello star gazers! hope everyone is having a lovely first week of 2015.
Saturn will remain in Sagittarius for the next 2/12 years So all Fire signs speacialy Sage need to be on there best behavior. Today the moon settled into Leo another fire sign So passion, creativity, and desire are strong for the next 2 days. I wanna encourage all Fire signs to strong and open minded to change for the next several days. The planets and trasits will be working wonders either for or againts you depending on your state of mind. Everyone is able to be the master f there own destiny but, whiten limits and reason. Learn more about the planets ans there possitions this year in your very own life, call for a live psychic read by phone or set up a appointment in my office today.

Jan 20th 2015

Today's first new moon of the new year brings much blessings. The Sun enters Aquarius as well as the moon, this celestial conjunctions brings bountiful gifts at hand, its as if the heavens are say yes to all's dreams. Those that bennifit most are the Air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. This is the cycle of rebirth and new beginnings. Start a project project a plan. Be aware theat Mercury planet of communications go's retrograde now till Feb 11th so there may in fact be some delays in communications via Emails messages and computer corresponding so i advise all my dreamers out there to be patient in these areas. Love, romance. passion, is abounding in all its forms most so for the fires signs Aries, Leo, and Saggitarius.

Jan 31st 2015

As we close the month of January and approach not only a new month Febuary but another new cycle with the full moon on Tuesday Feb 3rd It's as if the planets have handed everyone a eraser and said ok erase what you didnt like the, mistakes, the failor, the sorrow and start fresh. It is a time to come to grips with the past, learn from it and move on to the next level. This can all be done and achived much easier then we humans begin to realize that we are spiritual and magical beings. This is a most fantastic cycle for cleansing of the Aura and alignment of the Chakra's. Many people are still feeling the heavy affects of Saturn in 2013 and 2014 but that time has passed. Those that desire and seek change must step up there game. The moon on the 1st of Febuary thru to the 2nd remains in the zodiac sign of Cancer. So emotions are high and so is intuition. on the full moon day Feb 3rd The moons will be in Leo the fire sign of power, leadership, and passion, also confirming that the new england Patriots are sure to win the super bowl as there quarterback Tom Brady is in fact a Leo him self. I pray everone have a safe and blessed super bowl weekend. :)

Feb 19th 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Welcome the year of the Sheep also known as Goat. Most westerners are familer with the zodiac, its become the norm in the u.s.a. to share what sign you are, or to read ones horoscopr on the internet. But one of the oldest calenders is the Chinese one. We are in the year of the Wood Sheep a most prospeous time for people born in the year of the Sheep, Rabbit, and Boar. Unlke the western astrology which is every month 12 signs twelve months. The Chinese is every year 12 signs 12 years. Example we will not see another Sheep year till 12 years from now the year 2027. The Chinese astrology follows as such. The Rat. The Ox. The Tiger. The Rabbit. The Dragon. The Snake. The Horse. The Sheep. The Monkey. The Rooster. The Dog. The Boar. The year of the Sheep will brng a greater desire for goverment to attempt peace, however with great deception will come and cost to the people. The veil is lifting and no longer will the people stand for false information. There is a up rising brewing in this country and abroad. I see Ecconomicly we slowly get on are feet but there is going to be a slow and steady decline once again toward the fall of 2015 but the spring and summer we will prosper. For more information on how this new year effects you personaly please email me or call regarding a psychic reading and see what 2015 has in store for you today. Be blessed reader xo. Jacueline.

Feb 24th 2015

I felt lead to blog about this topic for some time, now however I kept ignoring what my spirit guides were trying to tell me to share for well,,, concern on how it would be recieved. But as many would agree " To thy self be true " . There is a real sickness a guinuen disease of the spirit going around world wide. First let me say its bin around for centuries its nothing new under the sun. What I am refering to is Black Magic, VooDoo, Spell work, practitioners of the dark arts, satanic occult, and there infection upon the inocent bistanders in life. To many today so many! are victims of witchcraft. And I felt guided to say to my readers today openly and honesty out there that may be reading this right now, that this is real and magic is all to true. While there are more then plenty of knock off fraudulent psychics out there that will state the old cliche' that you are under a curse and need work to clear it and it cost x amount of dollar,, while that is unfortunatly true, there are real life genuine psychic healers and holistic advisors that can help. Like all things in life there is both good and bad. Does that mean if you eat bad chinese food at a restaurant that all chinese cuisine is bad. Or if you have a bad experience with a doctor that you should never seek health care again? Of course not. Then why if you the reader out there thats reading this. If you feels that your under a spiritual attack! a type of Psychic warfare and are not getting the help needed thru your church or local religious dogmas why would you ignore the signs and sympthoms that lead you to seek help.? If you or smeone you love suspects being victim of a familier aka family and or generatioal curse or you have bin directly attacked by a jealous person who you suspect is a pracioner of black magic, wicca of the darkest form, devil or satanic doctine then please let your spirit guide you to reach out to me today for a better tomoroew. I can help you where others have failed. I produce real results. I am born with the power thru my third eye to heal and restore the broken hearted, the broken spirited, the misfortunate and the unlucky. Maybe its not you maybe you were not born this way maybe its not written in the stars to end the way it did. Let me look into the tarot cards for you today and see what is plaqueing you and blocking you from your true happiness.
sincerly Jacqueline for questions or just concerns comments please feel free to emal me. Be blessed xo :)

March 3rd 2015

Welcom March comes in like a lion and in this case ends like a lion as well. March with the sun in the astrology sign of Pisces this month is gonna be dynamic. First we have a full moon on the 5th this coming Thursday and this perticular full moon will be in Virgo the Zodiac sign governing Analysis. Everyone and there mothers will be in over anylizing mode. Unfortunatly this tends to neglect the heart so i predict stormy scenes regarding love most certainly for all Earth, Taurus, Viro, Capricorn, and Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Then we have a fill solar eclips on the 20th of March. The Eclips takes [lcae in Pisces the sign of endings and beginings. and the next day is spring March 21st. So its the begining of the end folks.
March 13th 2015
Hello loyal followers of my blog, hope this message finds all of you well. For those of you living here n the states on the east coast I hope your all enjoying the lovly weather we have had the last couple of days. With spring right around the corner literaly a week away, there is soon change coming not only in are weather forcast but in our buisy everyday lives. March 20th 2015 is a note worthey date, one that may in fact will go down in history. Most people dont assume that the planets and there positions effect us at all but trust me loves they do indeed. On March 20th we have the spring equinox also known as the first day of spring. Its is the day the sun go's into the zodiac sign of Aries the Ram, but this year there will be a solar eclipes on March 20th, We have not seen a solar eclipes since 1999 and this one forcast a transit change of astroligical proportions. Aries Leo Sagittarius will be most effected. If your sun moon or accentent is in either of these sign placements hold on tight fire signs its going to be a bumpy ride!. There will be climent changes upon the earth, politacal, economical and geographical ones as well. I see so much sorrow but thru all that I see people finding there heart and compassion once again for there fellow man. Take heart its not hopeless. For more info on how this solar eclipes effects your personal world call me today for a psychic reading regarding tomorow. Be well.

March 28th 2015

Gteetings to all and welcom back to my blog. Well it appears we have all survived the Solar Eclips that just took place on the 20th of March. I assure you that most every human being on this planet felt its effects in some form or another. As we contiue in the week that follwes the solar eclips spicificly today with the moon in Cancer it is certain all manor of intuition is on point, most certainly for all water signs. Cancer Scorpio and Picses. Earth signs have a slight effect by todays moon placements Taurus Virgo Capricorn, while the fire and air signs may feel a bit lost or in the dark as far as there gut or intitive side is concern. Aries Leo Saggitarius, Gemini Libra Aquarius. I predict continued tention in the air as the spiritual vail begins to lift, the common man religious or not will seek a level of higher consciousness one both church and state can not offer answers to. We live in a fallen world a broken system a matrix of sorts and little by little we are all waking up. The role each of us plays in the matrix varries, however if you don't seek answers thru knowlege then you are left to be used and or minipulated by the powers that be at work in this fallen world. Have you woken up yet? do you have questions regarding your life path? I may have the answers you seek. Call me today for a batter tomorow. Until next time be blessed.

May 1st 2015

Wishing everyone of my readers a happy and blessed May 1st. Spring has finaly sprung hear on the east coast and it arrives in perfect time. This weekend on Sunday to be exact the moon will be in full in the zodiac of Scorpio. This will bring many water signs greater then the normal intuitive powers. I see Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces having profound dreams and visions of whats to come in there personal lives and even there friends and family. The earth signs ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn ) will feel the effects as well just not as profoundly as the water signs. Fire signs and Air signs may all feel a little left out this month and there intuitive powers decline for the month of May. Fire signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Air signs. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Be patient air and fire signs as the cycle will be more favorable for all of you come June.
On a more global topic. i woulf like to extend my well wishes and prayers to the residents of Baltimore and my condolences to the Grey family. We as a people and as a nation are facing perilouse times, there is a great wave of change about to take place accross america. uprise and civil unrest is what the goverment are preparing for, if we as a nation as a people as human beings dont bring upon the change then our grankids will suffer the sins. Let us also pray for the victims and families in Napal who suffer as a result of that awful earthquake. Be the change you want to see. Seek wisdom and knowledge at all coast. To learn more about your personal life path and destiny call me today for a full life psychic reading, let me use my gift and power to help you change your destiny for the better. All readings are private and confidencial and most of all my psychic readings are very accurate. Let me help you where otheres have failed. Be well.

May 20th 2015

Greetings and salutations to all my loyal followers. Todays astrological update as to do with Mercurys newest retrograde whitch began on the day of the newmoon May 18th 9:45 eastern standard time. Most astrologers will note this placment as a warning or a negative aspect, I beg to differ. I see this as a awsome sign and good omen with regards to the newmoon aspect in its self. This is rare in far in between aspect. The area that donotes its greatest potencial for blessings is the fact that are new moon was in the zodiac sign of Scorpio at the time of its Mercury's retrograde. Scorpio is a sign associated with rebirth new life and new beginings, however often times in order for the rebirth theme to inact we must go thru a sybolic death of sorts. Meaning all to often we wil see the end, the death of a relationship or buisness or friendship. But this is not to mean lost its the univers way of making room for something new in our lives. In order to recive something we have to at times put something else down. The signs most effected by this newmoon mercury retrograde are. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, If your confused or having anxiety regarding chnges that purhapts were not a pat of your plan. Call me today! I may be able to make sense to the chaos and disorder your feeling at the moment. Remenber knowledge is power. Be blessed. xo

June 18th 2015

Hello to all my loyal followers, hope everone is doing well now that (Mercury planet) of communication has gone direct on June 11th of this year, As most of my loyal astrology followers know ( Mercury ) is the planet of communication and technology so as a result May 18th thru June 11th had most of use tech junkies in a tail spin to say the least, however all is well now. We have a most exciting cycle were looking at thruout June. as of the 16th the New moon brought with it a fresh start, a rebirth of sorts is promising a better later half of 2015 then the first half. Now with the moon in cancer on this day emotions are running high as usual, also the summer soltice on the 21st brings with it a fresh anoiting a new seed. Ideal time for new buisness and new romance as well, this applies to the water signs aka zodiacs the most, ( Cancer ) (Scorpio) ( Pisces ) Another topic of interest for this new season we are seeing more Psychic energy and Charka vibration. I have noticed a alarming growth rate regarding people reporting senseing and feeling a great deal of energy spiritual in nature. I am refering to Psychic and claivoyant experience that people are having more then the norm. I beleive that as we approach the age of ( Aquarius ) the Fifth age the new world order, the children of light and love will begin to have more and more ThirdEye activity and as a result seek knowledge via spiritual souces. This however may or may not apply to the conventional church or religious institutions. We need to open are selves up as a specie's to higher power and open minded learning. If you or someone you love is experiencing negative and or spiritual vibration ie energy call me for a brife on phone consultation. Let me help you where others have failed. It is my lifes mission/Calling to help my fellow man thru my spiritual and psychic gifts. One reading will convince you that I am unlike the rest. I am a true psychic reader and life coach advisor. Able to lead you where others may have failed. There is no need to live in spirtual ignorence today. Knowledge is power. Let me enlighten you today.

Be blessed Sincerly Jacqueline. xo

July 1st 2015

I hope everyones summer got off to a good start. The month of July promisies to pack a lot of punch to it. July will host 2 not 1 but 2 full moon. July 1st and 31st. Today with the full moon in Capricorn sign of hard work and effort, we will all feel a sense of urgency to mind our buisness and money matters. also be aware of the Jupiter planet of expanton and Venus planet of love and beauty being in conjuntion as of last night June 30th. Many astrologers see this as a sign of gitfs from above. Any and all Earth and Water signs. ( Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, ) ( Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, ) will feel anxious about getting things done and will not tolerate delay of any sort. Fortunately for use the planets are in your favor. Fire and Air signs ( Aries, Leo, Sagitatarius,) ( Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, ) Are going to be struggeling with a restlessness and inability to sit still, this in turn will have you all walking into troube Beware! On another topic be mindful that the planets dont control our destiny they outline it. we are the masters of our own destiny and we are the destroyers of it. Be carefull who and where you give and spend your time, people and places can be toxic and negative to your spirit like a germ is to the body.

July 15th 2015

Welcome loyal followers and friends. Buckle up and get ready for an emotional roller coaster ride. New Moon in Cancer is certain to invoke deep seeded emotions in us all. It is the new moon in between the blue moon, remember that July is the blue moon month (meaning) it host 2 full moons, hence the saying once in a blue moon. July 1st was the first fullmoon and July 31st is our 2nd full moon but we currently reside in the New moon cycle smack dab in the center of it all. New moons are the universal refresh button or reset button of the zodiac when we get a fresh start, and while this happens once a month 12 times per year most people dont pay mind to this being a optimum time to start or end a project, relationship, buisness ect. But even more of a power punch is the new moon smack dab in the midst of the blue moon. Its obvious that Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, are going to be most effected and best at senseing the signs of the times. Also notewothey to point out is that this is a ideal time for spiritual cleansing aura mending charka blancing and the banshing or undoing of negstive spirits and or energy. Take advandage of this ideal time to be blessed and call for a live on phone or in person psychic reading. Learn aout your self and your destiny today.

July 29th 2015

Hello to all my psychic/astrology geeks. :)
Are any of you guys feeling the effects of that fullmoon/bluemoon yet? Fridays BlueMoon promises to pack a lot of power in its punch. The zodiac signs that will feel the power of this rare bluemoon occurence is the air signs. Gemini, Libra, and most certainly Aquarius, This fullmoon/fullmoon will debut in the zodiac of Aquarius, so needless to say this zany zodiac will feel the emotional tug of the moon more then the norm, but it also promises all Aquariuns wishes, prayers, dreams, to come true. Now is the time to reve up your optimism Aquarius! On a more Global note this bluemoon will bring a strong and powerful desire to the world to seek out truths. We will see a lot of political and govermental persons getting there hands cought in the cookie jar so to speak. I predict our people " We the people" will not sit back any longer complacent regarding the injustice the higher ups of office are allowing. I dont just see this for our home country but for Europe and parts of Asia minor. This bluemoon can really bring positive turn aroud to these countrys if if! we listen to the hearts of the people. The universe is giving us another chance to get our act together but if we take this for granted again there will be a begining of woe's upon this earth this land like never bin before we are talking of biblicle proportions. I hope and pray that all your gaurdian angels be with you and that you hear the messages from the higher planes this summer of 2015. For more infomation on a personal psychic reading in my office or on the phone call now and scheduel your fullmoon/bluemoon reading asap. Happy bluemoon astro geeks wishing all your dreams to come true.

September 14th 2015

Its bin over a month since I blogged and i do appologize for my untimely absents, I hope the month of August was kind to all my readers out there.
September is packed with loads of astrological and mysticle powers. The sun Enters Libra on the 23rd of this month, Mercury planet of communication go's retrograde on the 17th up till October 6th, Saturn officialy enters Sagittarius for the long haul so thats up until 2017. The high jewish holidays are in effect so many kabbalaist and practistioners of the art of soccery and witchcrafy are working over time. Many also there to pretict a astroid heading its way to hit earth near Porto Rico, the Pope visits America for the first time, Cern the machine in Switzerland will be turned on to its full cappacity leading many to speculate and major calamity and disaster to follow. But no matter what race, religion, or creed we all share one thing in common a great sense and urgency in the air. Now is as good of time as any to love one another as if the world were gonna end.

Sept 27th 2015

As I write this blog it is 10pm Eastern time and the blood super moon is in full effect and let me just say I can certainly feel it.
For all you mystics out there dont forget to charge your crystals by soaking them in boiled or distilled water and sea salt, let them soak over night near a window cill they will be recharged and good as new in the morning. With this beingthelast of the four blood moons thru out 2014 to 2015 You can be certain that change of globalor ecconomic andor spiritual proportions is on the rise. Now that the season of the fall is upon us with the sun in Libra zodiac of justice and judgement along with fall representing the harvest everone will reap what is sown. On a more brighter note this is a great time for spiritual cleansing and restoration, over coming fears, anxieties, even addictions. are you in a toxic relationship that you feel you cant or have not bin able to get out of? well now you will, the universe is sending out all spirit guides and gaurdians to are at your disposal. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, are most effected. stay possitive star gazers but fasten your seat belts its about to get bumpy .

Oct 27th 2015

Hello to all my stargazers and loyal friends
I hope everyone enjoyed last nights fullmoon in Taurus zodiac sign of Love, passion, purpose, creativity, arts, music and financess. The sun is officially in Scorpio the sign of life, death, rebirth, new beginings, sex, money, power and growth. Scorpio is also associated with legacy and higher knowledge, all waters signs such as Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Will have a strong desire to furfill destiny in regards to love, marridge, home life, children, lovers, and friends. Now is a great time to put the past to rest and to make peace with any and all genartional curse's familier spirits and demons of the mind. Iam seeing a strong spiritual awakening coming to the usa and greater parts of europe. Generation X the new ages are going to have a calling on there lives to bridge science and spirituality. The voive of this generation will be heard. this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. I hope all will keep a open mind and embrace there psychic ability, we all have it. Its in our power to bring about change.
Be blessed sincerley Jacqueline. XO
November 13th 2015

I hope everyone is as excited about the holiday season comin as I am, Now that the new moon in Scorpio has pasy along side the sun in scorpio everyone feels the need to right the wrongs. There is a gunuine need and sense for change and now is the time to put these thoughts into action. Make it happen stargazers anything is possible. Psychic energy is as real has any other energy in this world tap into that power today.

November 27th 2015

I hope everone had a plesent Thanksgiving, Here we are once again at the closure of another year. The holiday season of 2015 promises to be both bitter and sweet. Bitter in the sense of globally we are facing so much evil, our friends and allies in Paris and Europe and what they faced is a possible glimpes of what we here in this country may face in 2016. I want to encourge all my followers to focus more so now then ever before on there spirituality, now is the time to nurture thr spirit, charka. aura, soul more then ever. If you are spiritual and not religious you wont fall for th trap these radicales are creating. Negative energy, spiritual obstructions, charka blockage, witchcraft and generational curses are real. Today open your eyes and know that there are demonic energies at work around us daily. Love is the remedy love is the cure, love is the antidote to this poisen thats being sread out. If your looking to grow in life spiritualy then reach out today and seek knowlwdge. Have a psychic reading done either in my office or over the phone, a phone reading is no less accurate. Find out today what your devine purpose is. I can help you where others have failed call now.

December 18th 2015

Here we are approaching a new year 2016 will be filled with many astrology and positive changes for the best. Now is the best time to get a full life psychic reading. The final and last full moon of 2015 is literaly on Christmas day its the universe's way of giving back. We have not had a full moon on christmas day since 1977 and we wont see another till 2034. So lets take advantage of this Christams day witha fresh out look and new pespective of the year. Now is a ideal time to have your psychic reading done to get a good head start regarding whats to come. Wishing everyone a most blesssed happy holidays seasons.
January 4th 2016

Welcome loyal friends and followers back to my blog, I am excited about this new year and the many positive attributes that follow. From a numeroligical perspective 2016 ad's up to 9 and 9 is a very powerful and life affirming number. There is a strong sence of rebirth and renewel in the air for this year. On January 9th we have are first new moon of the new year, this is a ideal time to set aside time to begin projects of any sort, be it finacial, work related, creative, personal, or most powerful of all spiritual in nature. example meditation, reiki, yoga, charka balanceing, aura cleansing and such. The combination of both the 9 in this new year and the new moon falling un coincidentally on the 9th of January promise to have a burst of power and magic to it. I predict a very powerful new age of enlightment upon those who seek it. This world is starving for something more to believe in aside from church and religion. Religion of any sort attempts to put the creator into a box and he is far to big to box in, spiritualality and inner soul seeking is where true faith will be found. My fellow Earth signs will benfit both spiritually and finacially thru out January Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus, however so may the water zodiac signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Stay tuned once a month for more spiritual enlightment via this blog. Wishing everyonce much peace, Love, and Light. Namasta :)

January 14th 2016

Good old Mercury planet of communications and every day issues is retrograde since Jan 5th and will remain so until the 25th of this month, so hold on to your hats all earth signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Also Gemini will feek these effects as its the ruling planet of both Virgo, and Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, wil be bombarded as well what does this mean for you zodiac signs? More then the norm trials and tribulations regarding work, buisness, financess, home, family, love, lovers, soul mates, twin flames, and all over health. Hold off on negotiations and signing of contracts till after the retrograde ends and again thats on the 25th of this month. If you are seeking deeper advice on any of the matters just mentioned above call for a psychic reading via phone or in my new jersey office. Lots of luck, love, and light, sent to everyone thats reading this now.

Janurary 31st 2016

Here we are the last day of January and so far I must say 2016 is looking to be a amazing and fabulouse year to come. This first quarter of the year is hosting a very rare and unique astrological alignment, the heavens are hosting a magical event 5 planets yes 5 lined up, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The last time we saw something similar in the sky was 2005. The planets speak to us this perticular line up is a awesome time to start a buisness, or a family for that matter. Weddings, engagments, births of babies will be on high. This is the perfect time to begin all new, but also you must end what is not working such as partnerships personal and professional. Its out with the old and in with the new. Dont drag the problems of 2014 and 2015 into this new year, break the negative cycle today. Take the time to set aside moments for meditation and possitive affirmations via visualazation and breating techniqes, If you are unfamiler with these methods scheduel a live psychic reading today via phne or in my new jersey office, I have over 30 years experience with life coaching and spiritual advising via Tarot Card, Crystal, Candles, and Ruine Stone methods. One reading will convince you that I am for real. I am a genuine psychic a natural born clairvoyant. Dont put off till tomorrow what can be fixed today. Wishing everyone a most blessed Febuary.
Feb 22nd 2016

Greetings earthlings and welcome to my world,
Tonight were in for a magical evening as we host the Snow Moon/The Winter full moon in Virgo along side the date of it being 2/22 so between the full moon in Virgo and the 2/22 this is a most auspicious time for setting goals, plans, dates, rerights, events, cleansing self, house, crystals, and all over getting your so to speak $hit together. The veil id lifting between the naturlal and super natural world, no longer can any human being say that they do not belive in something more then just the psychical tangible world. This is a most magical time for introspection of any sort but speacialy where spiritual growth and higher knowledge is concerned. Work your inner magic people, get them charka's balanced. Do not put off till tomorrow what shoul of bin addresed yesteday.
With love and light many blessings XO

March 3rd 2016

Here we are at the last stretch of winter and sooner then we realize spring will be upon us.
I see a very positive pattern devoping for 2016 where the spirirual senses of the masses awakens. Trusting our intinct more then ever is needed.
wishing everyone a happy new moon on the 8th great time to meditate. charka align and cleanse crystals.

March 23rd 2016

Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Libra tonight promises to pack a powerful punch, Aries sun Libra moon requires us to look ar our relationships and partnerships of all sorts require some examination.
Put out into the universe what it is that you so desire, chanel all your energy and intent into the universe, the most efective way to do this is with crystals Amathyst, Rose quartz, clear quartz ect. Of course its always ideal to know your personal chart and have the crystal ordered based upon that. Your chart is as personal as your fingerprint and there are no two alike. For more information on a personal chart or psychic reading via crystal, or tarot cards call today. Be well.
April 28th 2016

Greetings earthlings, Its bin some time since I blogged. I have bin a busy bee. But I am greatful to the most high for the many blessings he has bestowed upon me and mine and in that given me the much needed strength to work my light magic to help my fellow man.
It is with great humility that I am used as a vessel a tool to bring healing, love and enlightment to my stutents. Anyone that finds there selves lost lonely or confused can find the answers your seeking thru a psychic, tarot card, or crystal, astrology, reading, I can help guide you, lead you to a better path. One reading will convince you that this is real. Magic and the wonerouse working power of it is centuries years old, to many people in todays world are dabbaling in the darker side of it. There is a very real dark and negative spiirit right now hovering around and above the earth. Do not allow your self or the people that matter to you to be infected by this spiritual virus. Build up your spiritual emmunity/emmune system the building blocks of your aura is the 7 charka's and they must be balanced in order to sustain in these dark times. If you or anyone you love or care about is being attacked spiritually or supernaturally then dont just sit back and watch it happen, be proactive and fight back. Knowllege is power ignorance is not bliss seek answers today before its to late. The sun, moon, stars and planets, speak to us in a language only a few understand. One reading or birth chart may give you the needed answer and remedy to better your life and the lives of those around you.
Mercury is about to go retrograde once again this weekend so if there are any delays regarding paper work, contracts, closures, of any sort dont be suprised. The good news is its only a 6 week cycle, if you can hold off on major changes till June 20th do so otherwise things may go stagnent.
wishing eveyone much love and light sincerly Jacqueline.
May 5th 2016 Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!!

Hope everyone ...